Commercial Fencing in Manchester | Five Key Benefits

If you’re a business owner, it makes sense that you’ll want to protect your property and your assets. This is just one reason for needing quality commercial fencing. Covering Manchester and the North West, Impact Fencing & Protection Services Ltd is here to fulfil that need. We supply and construct security fencing and gates, safety barriers and access control systems which, when combined, give you the best possible protection.

But commercial fencing isn’t just about security. It offers a variety of other benefits that ensure you get exactly what you need from our services, and what you need for your premises.

We look at those benefits here.

1. Privacy
Privacy is a key concern for many commercial and industrial sites in the Manchester area. Containment from fencing helps to minimise interruption, resulting in higher productivity. Better privacy also has a positive impact on employee morale because they feel safer and more comfortable when shielded from prying eyes or the threat of a potential attack.

The workplace should be a private space for you and for your staff. Commercial fencing can help you achieve this.

2. Security
The most common reason for a client to call us is to improve security at their premises. With a range of commercial fencing options available, we provide the protection you require. From timber fencing that acts as a deterrent, to metal security fencing in mesh or palisade styles, we have the ideal solution for your business. We customise security fencing to the needs of each of our clients in Manchester, whether they require metal spikes, anti-climb features or other proven deterrents.

We even install security gates for maximum peace of mind. Our services protect property from trespass, theft and vandalism.

3. Access Control
Commercial fencing, used with gates, barriers and the latest access control systems, is perfect for managing access onto different areas of your premises, or just the site in general. You can use fences to keep workspace, pedestrians and vehicles apart from each other. This improves safety by minimising risk. With remote entry installations using sensors, cards or keypads, you keep complete control over who enters your site.

This maximises security and safety at premises in Manchester.

4. Appearance
As a business owner, you will already know how important first impressions are. Your property is the face of your business, so it needs to look right. Our commercial fencing ensures that your clients, customers, employees and even passers-by get the right impression. Good fencing, without holes or damage, can create a sense of professionalism, reflecting well on you and showing that you take a sense of pride in your business.

At Impact Fencing & Protection Services Ltd, we can even supply you with fences in your company colours and branding.

5. Customisation
Commercial fencing is completely customisable to your needs. Our team works closely with you to ensure you get the most suitable, most effective installation. This includes your choice of material, colour, access control features and more. At Impact Fencing & Protection Services Ltd, we also install security gates, safety barriers, bike racks and smoking shelters, anywhere in Manchester or the surrounding areas.

We provide everything you need to maximise security, safety and functionality at commercial sites across the North West.

To discuss commercial fencing for your Manchester property, call 07474 835033.