Garden Fencing in Manchester | Does Your Fence Need Replacing?

Fences are popular for homes in Manchester. They offer a range of benefits, such as privacy and containment. To get the most from garden fencing, however, it needs to be in good shape. With more than 20 years of experience, the team at Impact Fencing & Protection Services Ltd has seen plenty of old, rundown and neglected fences in need of replacement. But how do you know when it’s time to replace your installation?

Here, we provide a handy guide that tells you when it’s time to call in the experts for a new fence and new posts.

Located in Warrington, we supply and install garden fencing for domestic customers and commercial fencing in Manchester and the surrounding North West area. If you need a new fence, or just some friendly advice, please contact us on 07474 835033.

Key signs your fencing needs replacing include:

  • Cracked Slats

  • Leaning Fences

  • Rotting Wood

Cracked Slats

When wooden fences crack or splinter, homeowners try to cover the problem by painting them. While this may make the fence look better temporarily, the issue will soon worsen. If cracks appear, fencing becomes weaker and, left untouched, it eventually falls apart. As well as impacting the appearance of your home, damaged fences pose a risk if you have children or pets because they can either escape the garden, or they might injure themselves on jagged timber slats or splintered posts.

Call in our professionals as soon as you notice a crack in the fence or splinters. We advise on whether your garden fencing needs replacing, or if repairs will suit. For demanding jobs, we can install metal security fencing anywhere in Manchester.

Leaning Fences

Leaning garden fencing or weakened posts lead to the panels falling over. This will need addressing because they can pose a safety hazard. One of the main reasons for a fence to start leaning is weather damage. Wet conditions will loosen the soil while strong winds push hard against the broadest part of the fence. While a leaning fence might not seem too serious, it is nearly always the sign of an underlying structural problem.

For stable fencing that meets your needs, call Impact Fencing & Protection Services Ltd. We replace leaning fences with sturdier, hard-wearing installations.

Rotting Wood

If your timber garden fencing is old or if it originally came from a second-rate contractor, you may notice signs of rot. In locations that get plenty of rain, fences tend to develop grey or yellow stains which change colour once the wood starts to decay. Rotted fencing panels need replacing. This will protect structural integrity. The best way to stop mould and rot is by using pressure-treated timber. This is a durable material, one which lasts many years with minimal maintenance.

If maintenance is a concern, we can supply steel fencing for properties in Manchester which come in a galvanised finish or powder coated in attractive colours for added durability.

Call Impact Fencing & Protection Services Ltd on 07474 835033 for garden fencing in Manchester at competitive prices.