Garden Fencing in Liverpool, Manchester and the North West

Impact Fencing & Protection Services Ltd undertakes domestic fencing work in Warrington and the North West. Garden fencing is used at residential properties because it provides a range of benefits. We design, manufacture and install, constructing fences which tie in with your taste, budget and specification. Privacy, security fencing or decorative, we always supply you with a quality product in a treated material that’s made to last.

To ensure the best results, we put the needs of the customer first. We work closely with homeowners in the surrounding Liverpool, Manchester, Stockport, Oldham, St Helens and Wigan areas to help them achieve the installation they have in mind.

Indeed, we cover all locations around Warrington with a fencing service that’s specifically tailored to domestic work.

Planning Permission

Before starting a project, it’s important that we establish if there are planning approvals needed. Sometimes, garden fencing construction will fall under permitted development rights but, should the job need approval, we can advise you on any rules and regulations specific to your location in the North West.

You will need planning permission if:

  • The fence is over 1m tall and next to a road or footpath 

  • Fencing is over 2m tall in any other location

  • Your property is, or it borders, a listed building

  • You live in an area with open-plan front gardens

  • You live in an area with restricted planning conditions

Restrictions on garden fencing may apply in conservation areas or in locations of outstanding natural beauty. Once we have planning approval in place, the contractors at Impact Fencing & Protection Services Ltd start the design for your project.

Design Considerations for Garden Fencing

Achieving the right look and feel with fencing is one of the most important aspects of any installation. There are many styles of fencing to consider, from traditional panels to contemporary designs which complement minimalist gardens well. There are plenty of options available to suit all tastes. 

We make sure your choice of fencing also suits the style of your Liverpool, Manchester, Stockport, Oldham, St Helens, Warrington, Wigan or North West property.

Before choosing a material for fencing, consider your reasons for installing it. Our domestic customers seek professional fencing contractors to add security, privacy, screening or aesthetics to their garden space, but your own reasons may be markedly different. If you need our help choosing a fence, we’d be more than happy to lend you our professional advice.

We also supply and install security fencing. Please contact us on 07474 835033 to discuss your requirements.

Practical Garden Fencing Installations

The intended purpose of the fencing will determine the most suitable materials for your project. For example, if you are looking to add more privacy to a home, you will need a taller fencing panel that neighbours or passers-by can’t see through. Styles like close board and lap panel fencing are popular for gardens because they provide total privacy but blend in well with the environment. For a more modern feel, bow top metal railings make for sleeker boundaries with an open view.

Railings are a popular choice for the front gardens of high-end properties in Warrington and in all nearby Liverpool, Manchester, Stockport, Oldham, St Helens and Wigan areas.

Garden fencing can also be decorative, in which case we can use more attractive styles like picket and trellis without having to worry about functionality. When installing where children play, we consider the durability of fencing so that it withstands impact from footballs and general play.

We also consider the potential impact of family pets.

For garden fencing in Liverpool, Manchester and all areas near Warrington, call 07474 835033.