Safety Barriers and Security Fencing in Liverpool | Maintenance for Added Protection

While security fencing is durable, installations suffer wear and tear over time. To keep your fencing and security gates in the best condition, and offer you the highest levels of protection, it is important they undergo periodic maintenance. Impact Fencing & Protection Services Ltd can maintain garden fencing, commercial fencing and protection systems, such as safety barriers. In doing so, we keep sites in Liverpool and the surrounding areas safe and secure, and with an attractive, professional appearance.

With more than 20 years of combined industry experience, our team offers specialist maintenance for installations of every style, material and specification. View our gallery to see examples of the results we achieve.

Read on to discover some of the key benefits of our services:

Guaranteed Performance

Regular maintenance ensures perimeter fencing in Liverpool continues performing as it should. While you may not notice any issues straight away, this doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Our contractors carry out inspections, tests, repairs and general maintenance to ensure security fencing and security gates perform to their original specifications. We also maintain garden fencing and any protective features you might have installed, such as safety barriers and handrails.

Periodic checks help us to prevent unexpected faults. Feel free to relax knowing your site always has reliable protection in place and can withstand the threat of a potential attack.

Commercial Fencing

Businesses and commercial premises have fencing for a variety of reasons. Whether you first had fencing installed to add privacy, security, containment or aesthetic appeal, it will require regular maintenance to keep it in good condition. Our inspection of your fencing includes:

  • Walking the fence line to identify weaknesses or damage to installations from vandalism, weather or trees.

  • Checking fixtures and fittings to make sure that they are secure and looking for signs of damage or corrosion.

  • Assessment of the general condition of commercial and security fencing, as well as any other installations.

Prior to any safety inspection, we perform a risk assessment and always work to a detailed method statement.

Security Gates

Your security gates play a vital role in protecting properties. If gates or access control systems fail, then the safety and security risks increase. Ongoing maintenance keeps gates and access systems working properly while upholding high levels of security. As well as checking garden fencing or commercial fencing for issues, we also inspect security gates for signs of damage or wear like corrosion and cracks.

Maintenance services ensure automatic security gates comply with all relevant British Standards, such as BS EN 13241-1.

Protection Services

As a company specialising in protection services as well as fencing, we perform inspections and maintain installations in all Liverpool areas. This includes safety barriers, guardrails and bollards. Our services ensure all features offer the highest levels of protection. Garden fencing and commercial fencing might be our two most popular products, but we make sure all protective installations stay in good condition, and keep performing well, by offering you regular inspections.

Should we see any areas of possible improvement, we will go on to provide you with a free written report and, should you require it, a no-obligation quotation for proposed works.

Maintain garden, commercial and security fencing in Liverpool by calling 07474 835033.