Security Gates and Garden, Commercial and Security Fencing in Oldham | Creating a Fencing Plan

To get the most from domestic and commercial fencing, you need a good plan. Our team works with you closely, designing fences around your personal needs and requirements. From garden fencing for homes in Oldham and the surrounding areas to security fencing for businesses, we provide the expertise you need. We take a range of factors into account, including security gates and access control. As well as fencing and gates, we also install safety barriers for sites where pedestrians and vehicles both have access.

The best way to ensure fencing will meet your needs is to sit down with our team, and to discuss the relative requirements of homes, businesses or sites. Please view our gallery to see examples of the results we can achieve.

The following are all factors considered in planning:

  • Safety

  • Location

  • Access

  • Materials


One of the main benefits to security fencing is the safety it offers to pedestrians on or around your site. For your best in protection, there are different options available. A garden fencing installation might be more geared towards making sure children and pets can’t run onto the street, but commercial fencing might focus on deterring thieves or reducing noise.

Wherever access is a concern, we can supply security gates, fencing and access systems, as well as safety barriers for improved incoming and outgoing traffic control.


Your location plays a key role in determining the best kind of fencing for a property in Oldham. If a business or school is in a built-up area, you probably need security fencing to minimise the risk of trespass. If you have premises in a rural area, it’s important to make sure fencing and your choice of gates won’t end up creating an eyesore.

Residents also need consideration. Busy sites are loud sites so consider using a sound-dampening fence to reduce noise.


Consider how pedestrians and vehicles will interact when you plan for a garden fencing or commercial fencing installation. If both will have access, you need to include features like safety barriers and demarcation fences. Provide entrances for pedestrians and vehicles separately. Security gates are the perfect way to ensure authorised site access and egress.

We install manual, automatic and sliding gates for domestic and commercial customers in Oldham. Gates are the ideal addition to garden fencing because they optimise safety for children, pets and even vulnerable family members.


There are a vast range of commercial fencing options for you to choose from. Having worked in the industry over many years, we can find the perfect security fencing or security gates for any project. It’s important to consider the style of fencing at the design stage, and to brand things like safety barriers if you want to keep a business looking consistent.

We take your personal tastes and the style of your property into account. Garden fencing or commercial, we see it as our responsibility to meet all your personal requirements.

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