Safety Barriers in Manchester, St Helens and the North West

Many commercial and industrial premises in the North West of England require specialist protection services to safeguard workforces and visitors, and to secure assets and equipment. We supply and install safety barriers as well as security fencing, which maintain ongoing safety at sites in Warrington and the surrounding areas. The systems supplied by Impact Fencing & Protection Services Ltd meet current health and safety protocols for the UK. Potential clients can contact us today to discuss further how we can help create a positive image for businesses in Liverpool, Manchester, Stockport, Oldham, St Helens, Wigan and all locations within a wide radius of Warrington.

This includes compliance with Building Regulations, following guidance from Approved Document K (Protection from Falling, Collision and Impact).

The most common protective service provided by our company is the installation of safety barriers. These are visible guards that protect pedestrians from traffic and restrict access into hazardous areas. They are popular in warehouses, car parks and locations where pedestrians and vehicles are present together.

Impact Fencing & Protection Services Ltd offers an extensive range of barriers to suit any type of commercial space.

This range includes:

Handrail Barriers

Segregate pedestrians from potentially dangerous areas of a building or site by controlling their route. This is an ideal choice for premises with machinery or with mobile lifting equipment such as forklift trucks.

Armco Safety Barriers

Ideal for internal and external use, Armco barriers are heavy-duty products which provide effective protection for people, buildings, machinery and other plant. Ideal for stopping vehicles, they prevent costly damage.

Steel Barriers

A solution that can protect pedestrians and vehicles. There are different styles of barrier available, all of which offer personal and property protection. These are supplied as permanent or semi-permanent installations.

Pedestrian Safety Barriers and Guardrails

Available to you in energy-absorbing plastic for any size of space. The column guards prevent expensive breakages to equipment because they limit structural damage should vehicle impact ever occur.

Please contact us to discuss our barriers and protection systems for premises in Liverpool, Manchester, Stockport, Oldham, St Helens, Warrington, Wigan and the North West.

Protection Services

As well as workplaces, Impact Fencing & Protection Services Ltd can supply safety barriers and protection systems for public spaces and car parks. We install products that improve safety for pedestrians and drivers.

These products include:

  • Crash and Impact Barriers

  • Speed Restriction Systems

  • Protective Bollards

  • Fencing and Cladding

  • Handrails and Railings

Additional safety precautions stop people falling or jumping from tall structures, such as multi-storey car parks.

For extra protection, we offer security fencing that prevents crime and protects your business against liability for any injuries people might incur while attempting to gain access to your site. Working out of Warrington, we can provide a free, no-obligation quotation anywhere in Liverpool, Manchester, Stockport, Oldham, St Helens, Wigan and the surrounding areas.

For safety barriers and protection services in Manchester, St Helens and all locations near Warrington, call 07474 835033.