Safety Barriers in Manchester | The Importance of Safety Barriers in Warehouses

Warehouses can be dangerous places so it’s important that you have proper health and safety measures in place. This includes having safety barriers incorporated into the design of your commercial premises. Impact Fencing & Protection Services Ltd installs barriers and protection systems in Manchester, and in all surrounding areas. We help to maximise onsite safety, but our installations also provide a range of other benefits.

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If you operate a warehouse in the North West of England, you could need safety barriers for the following reasons:

Staff Protection and Awareness
As the working day goes on, staff are likely to start losing their concentration. This means they become less aware of their surroundings. Safety barriers keep employees aware of potential hazards. They take more notice when crossing a physical boundary. As such, they pay more attention to the risks inside that area, such as reversing forklift trucks.

Barriers also offer protection by separating pedestrians and plant. By clearly dividing areas, you reduce the risk of accidents. This improves productivity because staff feel safer and they can move around sites freely without obstruction.

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Vehicle and Stock Protection
If you own a business, your stock and your vehicle fleet will be of importance to you. Naturally, you will want to protect both as much as possible. Safety barriers reduce the risk of damage to trucks, forklifts, flatbeds and other vehicles by cushioning the blow in the event of a collision. This also reduces the risk of injury to the driver, an important consideration and one that protects the welfare of employees.

An additional benefit to safety barriers in Manchester is the fact that they help protect your stock. If a vehicle were to collide with stock, the monetary loss could be significant. This is especially true if you store products vertically. A barrier protects stock from passing vehicles by creating a physical bridge between them.  As well as saving you money by reducing damaged stock, safety barriers also minimise the risk of expensive repairs to vehicles and warehouse facilities.

Health and Safety
As a business, your health and safety policy should cover all necessary steps to reduce levels of risk for your workforce. This includes basic protocol, such as wearing high visibility clothing, to more in-depth precautions like building a good understanding of lifting procedures. This policy should also include measures to safeguard the movement of employees and visitors. Safety barriers maintain health and safety standards for everybody working at your Manchester warehouse or site.

Failure to provide suitable protection can result in expensive legal fees, fines and other issues you’ll want to avoid. Here at Impact Fencing & Protection Services Ltd, we can supply you with visible safety barriers in a complete range of styles to suit your needs and the requirements of your warehouse.

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