Security Gates in Stockport | The Perfect Addition to Commercial and Garden Fencing

Domestic, commercial and industrial customers can all reap the many benefits of security gates. Because at Impact Fencing & Protection Services Ltd, we offer a broad range of products and tailor our services to your needs and the type of property, we’ll always have the perfect solution. From manual to automatic gates, and with a vast choice in terms of materials, we install gates which complement the appearance of garden fencing and commercial fencing.

We also install access control systems with gates to keep properties in Stockport or the surrounding areas safe. Impact Fencing & Protection Services Ltd can also install security fencing, safety barriers and other features which maximise protection around properties and premises.

The following are some of the main types of security gates we supply to customers:

  • Sliding Gates

  • Swing Gates

  • Automatic Gates

  • Manual Gates

  • Access Control Systems

Sliding Gates

If there is not enough space on your site for a gate to swing open, a sliding gate is the ideal solution. These security gates also work well on sloping ground, especially where an upwards incline would cause a swing gate to scrape along the ground. Sliding gates are available in tracked or cantilever designs. They work with all kinds of commercial fencing, and you can also use them with palisade and mesh security fencing. 

A sliding gate is also an excellent option for domestic properties with garden fencing and space restrictions.

Swing Gates

The swing design is our most traditional style. These security gates can swing inwards and outwards on hinges. This is a popular choice for properties where space is not an issue. The various design options mean swinging gates can match garden fencing and commercial fencing, as well as different property styles both classic and contemporary.

Whether you choose a swing or a sliding gate, we can supply the associated products and features needed, from timber and metal fencing, to safety barriers and access control systems.

Automatic Gates

Automatic gates are security and safety barriers which provide high levels of access control. This makes them an ideal choice for managing vehicle entry. Because automatic gates are power operated machinery, it is essential for them to meet British Standards. With more than 20 years of experience, Impact Fencing & Protection Services Ltd ensures security fencing and gates installed in Stockport comply with BS EN 13241-1.

We supply automatic gates in sliding and swing styles to work alongside commercial fencing, barriers and protection systems. Additionally, we install automatic gates at domestic properties to match garden fencing and railings.

Manual Gates

The simplest and most cost-effective option is a manual gate. This is a good choice for pedestrian access and vehicle entry. Like automatic gates, they are available with either sliding or swing mechanisms. However, when installing gates alongside security fencing, automatic gates offer the best protection, and they are a better choice than safety barriers.

That said, safety barriers are still a great manual choice for use with commercial fencing at business properties which only have minimal foot and vehicle traffic.

Access Control Systems

Impact Fencing & Protection Services Ltd offers various access control systems and features for automatic security gates in Stockport and all locations across the North West. Depending on your needs, we can install intercoms, keypads, entry by remote control and a wide range of similar features which give you maximum control over property access and egress. 

This makes automatic gates and access systems ideal for garden fencing, as well as for security and commercial fencing.

Call 07474 835033 for domestic, commercial and industrial security gates in Stockport and the surrounding areas.